Welcome to the Pier House!

The Pier House Condominium, constructed in 2003, is comprised of one, two, and three bedroom waterfront homes. The Pier House is located in the heart of Paulus Hook on the Hudson River waterfront in Jersey City, across the river from lower Manhattan. The Liberty Landing Ferry departs every half hour seven days a week, destined for the World Financial Center as well as Liberty State Park.  

Paulus in Paulus Hook, is taken from the original Dutch settler, Michael Pauw, the Lord of Achttienhoven, who purchased the tract in 1630 and  “Hook” is derived from the Dutch word "hoeck" which translates into "point of land." Because of it’s strategic location, Paulus Hook is the site of the very famous Battle of Paulus Hook, which was fought on August 19, 1779, between the Continental Army and British forces during the American Revolutionary War. The Patriots, led by Major Henry Light Horse Lee, charged through the marsh in a nighttime raid on the British-controlled fort, in what is today downtown Jersey City.

The neighborhood strikes the perfect balance of peaceful tranquility, with its tree lined streets, and the modern convenience of today's urban villages, filled with shops, restaurants, & transportation.  It is surrounded on three sides by water; the marina channel and Liberty State Park to the south, Liberty Landing Marina to the west; and the Hudson River and New York City to the east.

This website was populated with many resources for our association members, tenants, and guests. The Resource Center serves as the website's document center for Pier House matters.


The Pier House Condominiums